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Saturday, February 22, 2003 

my very first post

I've been holding back from blogging for quite some time now. Why the change? I don't know. Perhaps I feel that I need to have an outlet. I don't nearly write as much as I should. (I don't nearly READ as much as I should either, come to think of it.)

What I know is that it might be a good way to let friends know what's going on in my life. Might, because:
1. I'm probably not going to write every itsy-bitsy nitty-gritty detail here;
2. I want to keep some things private anyway; and
3. I'm assuming my friends out there will log on to read my ramblings.

Well, I've been reading lots of my friends blogs, and they seem to have really insightful entertaining stuff in them. That's probably a bit of what got me to start this. Anyway...

It's a Saturday afternoon here in Melbourne. I'm not in any particular mood today. I've been saying that I want semester to begin soon. I think it'll hit me before I realise anything. Have been busy preparing for the COSDU 'barbie' (BBQ in ozSpeak) tomorrow. Next week is going to be a flurry of activity as orientation takes place. I'll be at a retreat for the COSDU committee over the weekend, then semester begins on March 3.

Blink, and I'll miss it.


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