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Wednesday, July 28, 2004 


"not good" in tv/film production parlance.

it also happens to describe my day.

i botched up a short photo job. that's entirely my fault. i own up to it. it's not a good feeling but i can't complain. i put myself in the line of fire, so i'm obliged to turn up with the goods. today, i didn't.

then two things out of my control hit me almost simultaneously, both in the guise of innocent-looking white envelopes...

with ON GOVERNMENT SERVICE marked on them. one was addressed to 3SG(NS) PINTO and the other had the MOE logo.

the inevitable has occured. i'm officially an NSman again. yes, more IPPTs, recalls/mobilisation exercises and ICTs for me. (hahah, already using abbreviations.) so, my decision last week to lose weight has added imperative now. after reaching 100kg (yes, you read that right, and i admit it's all my own doing), i decided enough was enough. but now, reaching 80kg and getting my fitness up to Silver IPPT standard is not a matter of choice. in any case, it wasn't a call-up, just a friendly reminder that i can now be issued the (in)famous SAF 100.

the second envelope contained a letter that i've seen before, many years ago, when i was still doing full-time NS. post-A levels, post applying to NIE. yes, the country that is short of teachers (but not short of applicants apparently) because of high turnover refused to even interview me once again.

appropriate, somehow, that both letters arrived on the same day, then.

teach. do something worthwhile with your life.

yah, right.


hope yr day gets better!

big hugs from melbourne...

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