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Friday, May 28, 2004 


dunno which is worse... 8 days, which compared american idol finalist diana degarmo to shrek's princess fiona (in her green state) or...

my mum, who called her diana degemuk*...

*gemuk is 'fat' in malay

Hi Kenneth! Heriati here...ur fellow MCM coursemate. :) How's life been?
Was looking thru my friendsters' list. Realised u had a blog as well! Yea! Feel free to come visit mine - http://allthingsweet.blogspot.com
Mind if I link u up? :)

Haha...come 2 tink of it.. the Diana gal certainly does resemble Princess Fiona's alter ego ;) But not really for the body size, rather the facial features? Hmm...

That's hilarious! I prefer your mother's comment - much wittier. I absolutely refuse to watch American Idol (my silent protest to the glut of reality TV shows in Australia) but I'm kept abreast rather reluctantly by my mother, an avid watcher and supporter of Simon Corwell.

Hey Heriati,

Yup, feel free to link to my blog... I'll add yours to mine too.

Hahah... still think Diana is cuter than Princess Fiona. Think I deducted marks for Fiona's funny ears. =P


Yah, I was quite surprised she came up with that actually. Her jokes are usually quite... well... aren't as witty!

Thnks Kenneth! :) U're linked already.. :)
Keep in touch yea?

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