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Tuesday, May 04, 2004 

what should i do with my life?

i'm aware that my blog has been a constant stream of career talk and life decisions. i apologise in advance, this entry is another one. i can't recall if i've mentioned this before, but i am sure that i emailed the link to this article to a few of my close friends.

what should i do with my life?

two phone calls and a post in the photography forum in the past few hours prompted me to recall this article. the first phone call was from melbourne. we had a good chat as usual during the course of which this person expressed doubt about studies. but the key sentence my friend expressed: i like working with people. my friend's future profession will involve this. the problem is the 'content' of the profession.

the second call was to someone much closer to home. i called about something, but we continued on from there. this friend, to my surprise, was embarking on a new career path. i hadn't thought that my friend would be interested in this career but it seems that my friend is growing into it.

the post on clubsnap: the eternal question of whether someone should stay in a current job or pursue photography to the detriment of the current (and stable) income. everyone said, family first. i said, "passion". and proceeded to write a damn long entry about it.

of course, this is when my computer decided to hang. i almost can see damian sniggering about the wonders of the mac and the hopelessness of windows.

anyway, i remembered the article, so i posted the link there. i'm sure that some of you reading my blog are at the same stage of life or about to embark on this stage. please read the article and think about it...


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