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Monday, April 19, 2004 

girls of central mall

i've been ill most of the past week and also busy with photography, so i haven't had time to write in my blog. actually, i probably did have the time but wasn't in the mood to write.

despite being ill, it was a good week. i managed to meet up with joy and felicia, who were back in singapore during the easter break. the conversations and company was terrific. =)

i was fortunate to get a job covering an event during the easter weekend. i took a kilo of shots - literally almost a thousand in just a day and a half. it was no joke colour correcting and tweaking the photos... especially when i was down with a sore throat, cold and cough. and headache.

i've also been trying to learn more about portrait photography (indoor and outdoor) and getting practice almost every weekend. i almost managed to get a product shoot job for a major store thro' the event last week. that would have helped alleviate my almost perpetual empty pocket situation. i'm not overly disappointed that i didn't get it; it was great knowing that i was considered!

since switching to digital, i have not been very pleased with my photos whether personal or commissioned. there was something about my photos in late 2001 and 2002 that really made them shine. perhaps i was improving through sheer effort - i did return home with more than 1000 photos that year. perhaps it was the people i was with. i thought switching to a consumer digital camera was what lowered my standards in 2003. partly, yes but switching back to SLR (albeit digital) this year hasn't resulted in the return of that 'pop' in my photos.

whatever the case, i need more practice. practice makes perfect, and while there is no perfection in photography, there is always room to develop.

hmmm, a lot of 'i's in this entry somehow... anyway, here are some outdoor portraits from a morning shoot on good friday... it's been a long time since i put my pintophotos watermark on my work!

(serena 01)
serena is a model with a glowing smile. she's very bubbly and it isn't hard to take a good photo of her.

(serena 02)
the original photo for this one had a very warm tone, with serena's face bathed in red. the wall was originally red too. in order to get her skin tones down to acceptable levels, the rest of the photo had to be washed out. this was the best i could do but i like the end result. the washed out colours gives a dream-like feel to the photo, complementing serena's look. and of course, you can see her reflection in the door. my favvourite of the lot.

(serena 03)
i like how the walkway converges, 'leading' to serena's face. did a bit of tweaking 'cos her face was slightly underexposed.

(leen 01)
leen is great at the "don't mess with me" look. like serena's second photo, leen's face was awash in red. someone commented that i made her face too yellow, giving her a jaundiced look. it looks fine to me on my monitor though. and i like the contrast between the blue wall and her skin tone. her hair is a bit messy, but the ruffled look give interest to the photo. composition wise, i can do a tighter crop with her face more on the left of the photo.

(leen 02)
the weakest photo of the lot. not much to say.

(leen 03)
once again, i could have cropped this better. *gasp* no, she's not naked...


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