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Monday, February 09, 2004 


my weekend began on friday night at 8.15 p.m. : lord of the rings trilogy at orchard cineleisure. i will never ever attend another movie marathon again. i'll only go if someone can guarantee me that the people who sit within earshot are not IRRITATING.

the extended versions of fellowship and two towers... hmmm... overall, the extra scenes in both helped enhance the story overall. however, it made fellowship really draggy. i fell asleep the first time i watched fellowship (that was on DVD). i suppose the novelty of seeing it on the big screen kept me awake this time round. as for two towers, the extra scenes enhanced the story too. in fact, the scenes enhanced the story so much that the reason why i liked two towers so much was diminished. gollum. there were hardly any new scenes involving gollum, and with extended scenes involving the other characters' paths, the gollum/frodo/sam storyline suffered.

the return of the king wasn't extended. and by the time the movie started, irritating man behind me was really getting on my nerves. it didn't make for a good time. the ordeal ended at about 7.30 a.m. got home at about 8.30 a.m., slept, and was up by 11.30 a.m.

from hanging out with one lydia (for the movie) to another lydia (forsaturday)... lydia managed to convince me to drag myself out of bed to meet a few cosdu people for lunch. deborah had just returned from melbourne, so that was the main reason to go. or so i thought. due to some miscommunication, she didn't turn up. still, had lunch with the p sisters, adrian, dennis and patsy. rather, i watched everyone eat. couldn't decide what to do after that, so ended up having dessert and fruits at scotts food court. shortly after leaving scotts, the group was down to the sisters and i. Asked them to keep an eye out for anything that catches the eye - i wanted to finish my roll of film, left over from graduation. lydia confidently said that there was nothing to take photos of along orchard road.

a few minutes later, i was on my way to finishing my roll of film. while walking along, we heard the sound of drums coming from outside takashimaya. we crossed the road and a percussion group was busking. a largish crowd had gathered and the music was excellent. i love drums =) the group is called wicked aura. definitely have to catch them around some time.

who's says there's nothing to do in singapore?

anyway, lydia (who was in a convincing mood on saturday) managed to persuade me to attend novena with her. now, those who know me - catholics in particular - know that i avoid novena like a plague. why? well, the reasons are complex, but the succinct one is that i don't feel comfortable with it. the priest gave a semi-convincing homily. the main message was at the start and at the end - and to tell you the truth, i forgot what the main message was because he was going on a tirade about how parents should/should not raise their kids. yes father, you who does not have a family, is an expert on family life. i'd love to see him differentiate between the different types of cries a baby makes.

went to risen christ for sunset mass with my parents and kevin. had dinner, then went home. watched tv for a bit. killed time until the everton-united match. aiyoh, heart attack! united have not played like this for a long time. i've been getting used to them having a water-tight defence. how we miss rio. now, it seems like we've gone back to "whatever you score, we'll score more than you". on the bright side, when united last played this brand of cavalier football, they won everything. on the other hand, the defence is such a shambles that it's hard to imagine them beating the big guns in europe.

had a good conversation with adrian loo, who was similarly aghast at united's second half capitulation.

slept at 3+

was awake at 8 a.m. somehow. got a sms from trees: something about cloudy weather and cancelling kayaking. i readily agreed, and went back to bed. when i next opened my eyes at about noon, there were six messages on my phone. apparently, we were now meeting for lunch. that got cancelled too... sort of. i eventually met damian, ja, trees, michele, cheryl and her cousin for... well, walking around actually. didn't really feel we were doing anything. went to suntec and back. ended up at star*ucks. didn't have coffee of course. was home by 6.40 p.m. lontong... yummm.... =)

watched tv, fell asleep on the couch. had two good phone conversations after i woke up.


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