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Friday, January 30, 2004 

side note...

(to be updated) has appeared in my blog quite a number of times. Sadly, I've not got around to updating those entries. Sometimes, it's just pure procrastination. Sometimes... I wanted to write: "it's just me wondering if I should write what I have to say in my blog". But that's not true, I wouldn't even type (to be updated) if I'm unsure about whether I should write things. Anyway, I noticed a few of these (to be update)s around. I'm not exactly doing anything at the moment. Perhaps I should update them...

Tomorrow... =P

As for today, I had an amusing phone call in the evening. Oh, I did want to mention that the french film "Love me if you dare" is a brilliant film. I watched it on Monday. Lydia and Su Li watched it this evening. Don't think Lydia has any regrets paying $7.50 to watch it! Go watch, if it's still showing. You'll love it or you'll hate it. But go watch. That film is what a romance should be. Not the humdrum, predictable, saccharine, fluff that Hollywood hurls.

Anyway, today... A list, just so that people can ask me, "Did you manage to do so-and-so?" And so that I can answer, "Erm... Tomorrow."

1. Clean out desk/shelves/cupboard.
2. Write/Edit/Send resumes.
3. Disconnect old phone number.
4. Visit Sophie, Yani and Ben at Mt Alvernia.
5. Write some emails.
6. (And this one will take a gargantuan effort) Exercise

One thing at a time, yah?


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