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Tuesday, January 06, 2004 

betting tips anyone?

Some of the more amusing, innovative names for those betting tips phone lines in The New Paper... So funny on their own, I don't need to caption them, and no... I did not make any of these up. Where possible, I've tried to keep the correct case... so here goes!

1. Asian Insider Network


3.1. The Big Match: SIZE DOES MATTER!

3.2. The Big Match Specialist: Obviously SIZE Matters!!

4.1. Bola King

4.2. The ORIGINAL Bola King

5.1. Tiger Football

5.2. Tiger Premium

6.1. Kangtao Premium Edition

6.2. The REAL Kangtao

7. GoldenGoal

8. Master Soccer: The Best of Asian Masters!

9. Insider King

and finally...

10. Mother of @ll Internet Soccer Plays

*shakes head*


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