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Tuesday, December 23, 2003 

swing the mood

Finally have some time off to write a short blog entry. Bringing family around is arduous and tiring. I'm glad to have my parents around and more than happy to show everyone around, but suddenly having to deal with everyone's idiosyncracies all at once is, well...


This 'holiday' is not normal life. I barely have time to do anything. And I'm not really doing anything. Been to most of the places I've been bringing my family around too. So much so that I've not taken a single photo since graduation. Amazing.

Phillip Island today. But first, have to accompany my sister to the city to get some chocolate.

Somehow supposed to pack all my stuff in an hour, before I meet Denise. Guess I'll just have to do it after Phillip Island. Don't see myself arriving home until midnight.

Joanne's leaving today. Which makes me realise I haven't had time to write any cards or buy presents or anything. So many things left undone. Seems like the same old story.

Everyone's either not blogging or blogging that they are happy to get away and be left alone. We all need a break. The COSDU Yahoo Group is gathering dust. (Just vocalised yesterday that the next time the group picks up, I'll only be an observer from afar. Something I've known for some time, but just haven't said out loud.)

As I'm writing all this, I suddenly realise that I need MY OWN BREAK. Away from family and friends. I'm not going to get it though, unless I keep a low profile when I'm back home. Then it's the KL trip.

Read Patsy's crossroads entry. Dunno. Feel that that's all the things we are supposed to hear, supposed to believe in. Doesn't make the pain go away. Doesn't make me feel any better. Grow? Yeah, I'm growing all the time.

Wasn't intending to write a depressed blog entry but hey, that's the way I'm feeling at this very moment.

P.S. Re: bachelor of arts - Admin error. Doesn't say much for the University of Melbourne.


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