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Friday, November 21, 2003 

birthday extravaganza | part 3

Joanne, my Meat & Chocolate Queen, decided to organise a dinner for a small group the day before my birthday. This small group consisted of her, Florence, Jason, Felicia, Ming Ying and yours truly. I had absolutely no idea where she was taking us. And I only found out before we set off that we had to travel by train and tram to get there. (Initially, I thought it was just a train ride.) This place is called Limor's, along Kooyong Road. The previous day was dessert heaven. Today was meat, meat and more meat. It wasn't just quantity either. This place has turned the art of cooking meat into... well... let's just say that I won't be buying chicken schnitzel from VicMart and grilling it myself. The texture, the flavour, the... damn, salivating just recalling the meal!

going to felicia's for drinks
jason, felicia, ming yin, me, florence (and joanne taking the photo) on the way to felicia's for drinks

We ate our fill and proceeded to Felicia's place for drinks. Joanne played that drinking game that did in Florence and Sarah during the mid-semester break. I partnered Felicia, and she must have wondered what she did to deserve her luck. Without explaining the whole game, I'll say this much: we had to take 16 shots of vodka orange shots each for the last three rounds of the game combined. With the amount we consumed in the earlier rounds, Felicia K/Oed almost immediately after the game. I was my usual huggy self when high. Somewhere in between all this, I began getting birthday phone calls and smses. Joanne also gave me some group photos from her camera over the past couple of years which she had printed out. Lovely!


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