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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 

birthday extravaganza | part 2

Christine decided to book me for Wednesday evening after my final exam (yes, no more exams for...ever, perhaps) for dessert. She brought me to this place called Laurent along Little Collins Street. The desserts there are small and pricey but, as I was to discover, well worth it. There were only two chocolate desserts - the Concorde: an all chocolate mousse thing, and the Christine. Yes, I kid you not. The little piece of heaven is called Christine. It is a chocolate mousse confection with a brownie base and a creme brulee centre. That sounded more exciting than the Concorde, so I had Christine for dessert. And of course, it gives you people an excuse to exercise your over-active imaginations and me, a chance to play with words.

So, I ate Christine as Christine and I chatted. Christine was delightful, so rich that I was forced to eat Christine slowly. If chocolates were clouds, this would be nine.

Christine also started the ball of gifts from COSDUans rolling along. I have to say that I've never had such quality presents in such numerous quantity. Some were tangible, some intangible. Some things I wanted, some pleasant surprises. All were absolutely terrific and thoroughly appreciated. Getting back to Christine's gift, it was more of a hamper. A pair of helium-filled balloons to put me in a party mood, Collingwood items galore and a photobook on friendship, lovingly annotated with personal messages.


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