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Saturday, November 15, 2003 

birthday extravaganza | part 1

The festivities began early for me. Chevelle was down for a whirlwind tour of Melbourne. Actually, it was two days - the first touring Great Ocean Road and the second meeting up with friends. So, she didn't even get to see much of Melbourne at all! Coincidentally, the two days she was here marked a dramatic increase in temperature. Friday was the first day above 30 degrees in many months. Saturday was a scorcher: somewhere between 37 to 39 degrees depending on whose weather report you believe. More amazingly, Melbourne decided to become cold and wet almost the whole of last week, following Chevelle's visit! Some people bring rain, some people bring sunshine. =)

Sarah dropped Velle off along Swanston Street and we caught up over coffee in the (thankfully) air-conditioned Tiamo 2. Velle has always been a breeze to talk to, and we were chatting like we usually did, even though I haven't seen her for a while. Before we parted, she gave me an advance birthday present. =) Thanks for the 'insults', Velle. ;P


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