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Sunday, September 21, 2003 


We had a talk on Creation Spirituality during Friday's COSDU session. I also had a shock - Damian was in Melbourne and surprised me by turning up at session... to think that I was not going to go for session!

Anyways, I connected with talk. I know some didn't. But that's part of the point, I think. We have to explore different forms of spirituality to find something that suits us. Some sessions concerning different forms of spirituality might not 'hit the spot', and something just might.

For me, there is something deeply spiritual about looking into the night sky at the stars. I think trying to understand - and it's hard, nearly impossible to imagine - the magnitude of the space and time between us and the (literally) heavenly bodies gives us a sense of God. For me there is something deeply spiritual about bushwalking, about being within nature - foilage surrounding, encompassing you. The silence and awe is prayer in itself.

I had a chat Sr. Theresa about the session and she said the Franciscan spirtuality concerning creation was slightly different from Sr. Anne Boyd's. Sr. Theresa shared that the Franciscan spirituality regarding creation is that everything is 'brother' and 'sister' to us.

Sr. Boyd's conception of creation spirituality is rooted very much in the wonder and awe in creation especially in understanding the harmony and unity of creation. The spirituality is about relationship, about how you connect with God.

So, even within a certain spirituality, there are different ways of approaching it.

The walk in the park was excellent. The Royal Botanic Gardens may be a man-made construct, but still everything in it is part of His creation. Enjoying each other's company is part of creation spirituality to me: after all, we are all God's creation. =)

I told Felicia - who's back home in Singapore - we should do it more often. She said then it wouldn't be special any more. I tend to disagree. There's always something special about creation...


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