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Wednesday, September 03, 2003 

michael bublé | presentation

Michael Bublé's - pronounced 'boo-blay' - concert last night was absolutely brilliant! (Apologies to Ee... you're going to miss a wonderful performance!)

Shanti passed me his album (mp3s) some time back, and I thought he wasn't too shabby. He's a young jazz/swing singer... Actually, that's too restrictive, he's a lot more talented than that. Anyway, I received my weekly ticketek e-mail newsletter, saw that he was performing here, and told Shanti about it.

Those of you that know her, you can imagine her reaction.

Anyway, she posted a message in COSDU's yahoogroup and made an announcement after one of our Friday COSDU sessions asking if anyone else wanted to go... but no one was interested. So, it was just the two of us. The concert was at The Next Blue - my first time there. Knowing the usual crowd there, I can safely say that the average age of its patrons just went up by at least twenty years after last night.

He started singing at around 8 p.m. Backed up by a brass section, drums, guitar, keyboard and double bass, he sang as one with them. It was quite amazing, and a faulty microphone only served to become an improvised part of his first song. If I remember correctly, he then launched into 'The Way You Look Tonight'. By then I was thinking that more of the COSDU people should have been there. He also did Fever; he sang my favourite George Michael song, Kissing a Fool; he did Moondance; and would you believe... Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love swing style! He also did stuff not from his album, the most impressive of which was this rap, which he jokingly claimed he co-wrote with Snoop Dog. (Did I get his name right?) He also charmed the ladies, coming down from the stage to let one dewy-eyed fan take a photo with him. He also spotted someone in the audience calling her friend to let the friend listen to the concert, and he took the handphone, crooning to the person on the line. His stage presence, improvisational skills and charm aside, the guy is superbly talented.

I was impressed to the extent that after the concert I bought his album at crazy Australian prices. When was the last time I paid $25 for a CD in Singapore? 199... errr... 1990 or 1991, I think. Listening to the album at home, I must say that if you have the chance to watch Michael Bublé live, GO! It's be worth it - and for no extra cost, you get to listen to his band, who are brilliant in their own right. He'll be in Singapore on September 15th. Ee, I'm really sorry that you start your classes that night. He'll be back in Melbourne in January.

Okay, enough free promotion for someone that I don't know personally...

Earlier in the day, I had my Asia-Pacific Media Systems tutorial presentation. It was okay by my standards, but both my lecturer and tutor said it was good. Well, that was 10%, the important thing is the essay that stems from this presentation. That's 50% and due on 16th Sept. But I'll have to finish it by this weekend because I have two other essays to attend to (both due on 22nd Sept). Before the concert, I realised that that was my very last presentation for my undergraduate studies.

That fact is still sinking in. Only six essays and two exams from here on end.

P.S. Just found out that tickets to his concert in Singapore are going for $100, $80 and $50. What a rip off! And the setting is all wrong. Suntec? Goodness....

I paid $25; it was in a lounge setting and just perfect. And I was less than 10 metres from the stage. I really hope the SISTIC website is right about the concert being two hours long. It was only just slightly more than an hour here in Melbourne. To think I got to watch him live AND buy his CD for the price of the cheapest concert ticket in Singapore...


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