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Thursday, August 21, 2003 


Ever had one of those weeks where nothing really good or nothing really bad happens? I'm having one of those 'bleah' weeks.

School wasn't so happening that I was particularly looking forward to any of my lessons. Neither was there anything that I was particularly dreading.

Not looking forward to anything this weekend, but not dreading it either. Not that there's a lack of activities. I'll be helping take photos for Michelle's friends' graduation. Brian's cooking dinner. I'll get to watch a bit of Sydney-Collingwood before I switch to watching the English Magpies (aka Newcastle) play United. (Recently, I've learnt that referring to Manchester United as 'Man U' is some sort of heresy. There is, after all, only one United. =) Have to get work done in the morning, then.

Sunday there's Deborah's BBQ. Might go for that 'Explorations - Directions' dialogue session in the evening.

Have not talked to Sr. Theresa for a while. Have not called people up to chat during Optus time in a while. Have not felt this flat for a long time.

Feeling very bleah.


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