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Friday, August 15, 2003 


Monday: Florence's Brownies and Chocolate Mousse

Tuesday: Lydia's & Diana's Nasi Uduk and Su Li's Tiramisu

Wednesday: Felicia's Bread Pudding

Thursday: Michelle's Caramel Pie

Yummmmmm! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate all the good food. =)


Today and tomolo are going to be marathon days.

Friday (Joanne's and Michelle Chua's Birthdays - Happy Birthday gals!)
0730 hrs - Assumption Mass
1000 hrs - World Politics in Transition Lecture
1400 hrs - Squash
Between squash and COSDU - figure out what 'costume' to wear for Joanne's party
1830 hrs - COSDU
2100 hrs - Pre-party at Joanne's

Saturday (Nicholas' Birthday - Happy Birthday!)
0000 hrs - Joanne's party at Ffour
0200 hrs - Leave Ffour, hopefully get to bed ASAP
0800 hrs - Buy food for BBQ at VicMart
1200 hrs - BBQ
1700 hrs - New Zealand V Australia on Channel Seven
2200 hrs - View Treble video to kick off the EPL season
2350 hrs - Manchester United vs Bolton on Fox Sports One

0200 hrs - Knock out
Hopefully wake up in time for noon mass at Newman and Christine's Gamelan group performance for UniMelb Discovery Day at 1400 hrs. Also have to get plenty of work for presentations and essays done on Sunday.

Must fit in short naps.


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