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Thursday, July 10, 2003 

as much fun i can have while ill


I've been having a great time.

Saturday, I went rockclimbing with a whole bunch of people. We were at the rockclimbing place for three hours. Probably as much as my muscles were willing to take. I climbed until my fingers were too weak to even grasp the itty bitty wall thingys lightly.

Footy! *directed at Florence* (apologies to the AFL for copyright infringement :p )
Good old Collingwood forever
We know how to play the game
Side by side we stick together
To uphold the Magpies name
Hear the barrackers a-shouting
As all barrackers should
Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk
For the good old COLLINGWOOD!!!

North Melbourne 50
Collingwood 126

Nice to predict that they would win before the match and be so absolutely right. Went with another bunch of people, including COSDU people, Gerry and Ee-wei who were visiting from Singapore and friends of friends. I think 13 people in all.

Sunday was a quiet day, but it was still good. Grace called and we went for evening mass at St Carthages together.

Monday - Grampians! An early start. Met Gerry, Su Li and Adrian in the city together with Brian and took a bus to Sunshine. Got the car and sped off to Halls Gap. Settled our accommodation - there were kangaroos just outside! - and then went on a whole afternoon walk: the Wonderland Loop.

It started off a little cold, then everyone began to take off their jackets. Just as we stopped for lunch, it began to rain, and out came the jackets again. The Pinnacle was covered in fog, but it was still amazing. We got back to our cabin, showered and had a hearty meal. All of us were so tired, we just slept without planning the next day's walks.

Tuesday. Set off at 10am after checking out. Went to Mount Zero for a short walk. 'Short' is, of course, relative to the previous day's walk. We did Mackenzie Falls before heading to Mount William to watch the sunset. 1.8km to the top. One of the longest 1.8km of my life. Managed to get some nice shots even though the cloud cover was quite thick as the sun went down. We stopped at Halls Gap for a quick bite and a dash of petrol for the car. Got back home by 10pm - that was about a three hour drive. The drive was challenging - it was dark and foggy.

Yesterday got up late, then went to Chadstone - for the first time - with Florence and her kawan. Met Sue Lyn and other COSDUans for her farewell dinner. Unfortunately, there was some screw up with my digicam, and we lost quite a number of good photos. Had coffee at a Greek place after dinner at the steamboat place along Russell St. Then played Pictionary at Joanne's place.

Will be going bowling at Chadstone tomorrow. (Funny how you've never been to a place after being in Melbourne for one and a half years, and suddenly you go there twice in the space of three days.) Dinner, then Charlie's Angels 2.

Might watch Collingwood again on Saturday... :)

Oh. Did I mention that I've been down with a cold and sore throat since Monday? Not that it's impeded my enjoyment...


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