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Thursday, July 03, 2003 


It's the holidays! But I've been amazingly busy. Yesterday was the first morning I slept in. I was supposed to go for a bushwalk but I was too tired. The previous day, Gerry and Florence said I really looked tired. Well, I was!

Since the exams ended, I've been to the airport a few times, to see people off and to welcome them to Melbourne. I've been to Great Ocean Road for the fifth time. I don't think I'll ever get sick of that drive. I've played squash quite a bit too. Have also been planning a trip to Grampians, which will be on Monday and Tuesday. This weekend, rockclimbing and footy.

The rest of the holidays are filled with activity too. Damian will be back in Melbourne. Ruth is also visiting again. And I've got to prepare things for the COSDU committee retreat, scheduled for the weekend before semester begins. Have confirmation rehearsal that weekend too.

Semester begins. *shudder* Just one semester to go. Time really...

Quite short of cash. Also have to start thinking about what to get for all the August birthdays. So many!!


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