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Thursday, June 12, 2003 

day out

Yesterday, I went out. Not to hand in essays. Not to pick up the newspaper. (Although, I did do that.) Not to do groceries.

I followed Florence to the city. She opened a bank account at HSBC. I bought a replacement tube for my... err... water pouch? Drinking bladder? And then, I finally found that elusive drink. The drink that has been taunting me. The advertisement on the trams calling out, "You can't find me!" The empty bottle I saw lying around along Faraday Street.

I found the Carlton Cold Shot. It's beer + vodka. 6%. MMmmmmm...

Let's see. I dropped of my goodies at home, then went to Lygon to get movie tickets. Bumped into Adrian. Got the newspapers. Ran into a girl who passed me, smiled and said 'Hi'. Who is this person? Not from M&C, not from COSDU, not from anywhere I can remember. Must have been mistaken identity. Bump into Adrian again.*

Met Deanna at Nova and watched the Pianist. Powerful stuff. Only one thing, the movie did meander just before the more crucial scene. Pondering even more, I think that the whole movie could have been a short film. Nevertheless, it was worth the money.

Whiled time away in the evening before going for a briefing concerning this photogallery. Which does not have a place yet. Ironic. It's called the homeless gallery. They truly are homeless right now.


Had a good chat on the phone when I got home, and was feeling hungry and sleepy the whole nite. I finally succumbed to my bed at about midnite.

*Reminder to self: Bump into Adrian one more time - go buy Tattslotto...


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