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Thursday, May 29, 2003 

trip down amnesia lane

Felicia has been telling me to get an easyjournal. I've caved in.


Well, this isn't my first attempt at having an online journal. The truth is, I've never been one to write my thoughts down on a regular basis. I should. But I don't.

With the previous journal, I was always wondering - Hmmm... who's reading this? What are they going to think?

I tried writing for a while, and I stopped before the pre-Easter essays (almost) overwhelmed me. Not many people knew about that journal anyway. Kind of defeats the purpose of an online journal, doesn't it?

I'm STILL wondering how much I should write in the journal. It's carthatic, isn't it? (Writing, lah...)

Ironic: another load of essays face me as I write my first journal entry here.

Back to the question - Why?

Felicia knows one of my good old friends from church and from SJI. In fact, Lester was my best friend for quite some time. Felicia's journal linked to his, and I read his most recent entries.

I don't have lots of links to my altar server and secondary school days. But those times were the best of my life. Hardly any photos, hardly any letters... and worse of all, hardly any contact with friends from back then.

Thank goodness for songs.


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