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Monday, March 10, 2003 

something missing I

A whirlwind of a weekend. Friday was COSDU's Welcome Mass and Dinner. There were lots of new people, so I can't say that I even got to know the names of everyone. COSDU is burgeoning, and we have to deal with that in one way or another. It's not a complaint, it's a blessing to have so many new faces.

Saturday... a disappointing day at Albert Park. Coulthard didn't do so well. Raikkonen had a minor off which put him in 15th on the grid... or something like that. Ferrari, as usual, at the front.

Sunday. Was so tempted not to go to Albert Park. But I did, braving the rain and wind for about three hours before the race began. Once again, due to circumstances beyond my control, I attended the race alone. It was pretty depressing, standing alone in the pouring rain. I also had other reasons to feel a bit miserable.

Anyway, the race turned out to be fantastic. The first signs weren't too good, the two scarlet cars pulling away from the field. Well, this is what I remember (not in chronological order):

Raikkonen holding off a Schumacher attempt at overtaking. Brilliant!

Then he gets called in for a stop-go penalty for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane. Damn!

Montoya losing control, giving Coulthard the race lead.

Small parts of Schumacher's car coming off.

Barrichello going off. (Thought it was Schuey at first; poor Ruebens always gets the bad luck.)

Two Safety Car periods, which changed the complexion of the race.

Some cars starting on intermediate tyres, some on slicks. A decision that resulted in a few unscheduled pit stops as the weather cleared soon after the start.

Heidfeld's Sauber going off in front of where I was standing.

Being so deliriously happy that McLaren won and Ferrari only managed fourth that I decided to take a photo with one of the AMD grid girls. :p

Went for mass after the race. Walked along a crowded but subdued Lygon, had a Choco-something or other at New Zealand Ice Cream (I'm sure it's called something else). Yvonne was working, so I got an extra dose of ice cream in the drink. Then chatted with Michelle at her place for a bit.

Then the Sunday night call to Singapore. Which might be the last one for some time.

Woke up this morning not feeling particularly fantastic. Sports, Entertainment n Media lecture was boring, but the tute was great - animated, intelligent discussion. If only we have the reading packs! Still don't have the reading packs for SEM and Intercultural Comms...

Australian Foreign Relations was a new experience. After one year of Postcolonial discourse, it took a bit of getting used this tute. The people were different, the content was different... I'm trying hard to integrate what I've learnt over the past year - critiques of the disciplinary study of politics - into the class. This truly is the flip side of the coin.

Now back home. Should really get to reading. Should really finalise Friday's COSDU session.


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