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Monday, June 16, 2003 


Once again, I face a decision:
Go to Grampians as originally planned? Or...
Stay in Melbourne and watch Australia v England on Saturday?

Now that I have kaki to watch, and there are still tickets available... (Thank goodness Melburnians have no idea how to appreciate Rugby Union.)

Why go to Grampians?
1. Get away from the city
2. Take photos of beautiful scenery
3. Exercise
4. As a recce trip for when I go to Grampians with friends
5. Staying to watch the match (and just being in the city) will burn a hole in my pocket. Need the cash for other things

Then again...
I will still have to spend money to contribute for petrol, to pay for food, to buy film and pay for developing & printing. Also, I'm not THAT desperate to get out of the city.

Why stay to watch Rugby?
1. England just might beat Australia
2. I get to spend time with Damian and Penny & those who are going home for hols
3. I can party with friends on Thursday night without worrying about waking up late on Friday morning
4. Squash on Friday!
5. No need to rush things before and after the Grampians trip

Then again...
I'll be in a foul mood if England loses. I'll be watching two Rugby World Cup matches later this year anyway.


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