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Monday, June 16, 2003 


Felicia asked a few interesting questions. I don't claim to speak for the church, but these are my views.

Did our faith brainwash us?

If it did, what does that change? Love one another... love our enemies... Not the way of the world, but good (and brilliant) advice nonetheless, right? Too bad we don't seem to heed it a lot of the time. Maybe we haven't been SUFFICIENTLY brainwashed.

Why do you we believe in what we believe in?

Faith. (As opposed to religion.) Pure blind faith. Do you believe that's air you're breathing? ;)

Why do we think all that we do is correct?

Ah, personally, I don't think we are correct. Or to be more accurate, I don't think others are wrong. The simplest way I can put this is that I believe God came to save us ALL. One reason why there is so much strife in the world is because we choose to play this "I'm right, and you are wrong" game. When we play that game, it means most of the world is condemned.

Of course, I'm not sure how someone of a different religion would answer this question.

If we believe that what we believe in is right, can we (I) say that we have been brainwashed into thinking that it was right?

A combination of my faith and life experiences has led me to the conclusion above. Brainwashed? Nah.

Are we any less brainwashed than the people who belong in what we brand as 'cults'?

Back to the first response. What's the goal? How has the 'brainwashing' changed our lives? Or has it changed our lives at all? I dunno. 'Brainwashing' is such a dubious term... I'm not an expert of cults but I'm sure that their means of leading you to believe and the contents of their belief are duplicitous.


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