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Monday, June 16, 2003 

getting squashed

Played squash on Saturday with Brian, Denning, Felicia, Florence and Jason. Deanna was there too, but I didn't get a chance to have a game with her.

Our little squash group has grown. Su Li usually joins us. Bryant and Christine want to start learning too.

Brian's game improved dramatically from the previous day's marathon session with me. Jason's game seems to have plateaued, but I'm sure he can get to a point when he can beat me consistently. Denning's powerful and quick, and that poses a problem when I play against him. For some strange reason, our games seem to be closer than when he plays Jason. Felicia has improved tremendously over time. Florence... hahaha... Don't get me wrong, she can hold her own on court. But she's damn funny. Watching her play or playing against her. Sure to laugh!

I thoroughly enjoyed my game with Jason. There was a point at 4-0 in one of the games. We were running every inch of the court. Left me out of breath, and that let him back into the game.

I remember being down 0-6 to Denning almost at the end of the day. He lost serve, and proceeded to lose the next nine points. I won't say it was my best game, but I wasn't expecting to come back like that.

We spent nearly three hours playing. When I got home, I realised that it would be my last squash session with some of these people for a while.


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