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Tuesday, June 17, 2003 

holiday (not just yet)

Decision made: going to Grampians. Damian said 'no go' on the rugby match. I'm assuming he means we can't get tickets.

Yesterday was supposed to be a full study day but I managed to spend quite a lot of time pondering about the rugby/grampians dilemma. Also did some planning for Ee-Wei's upcoming trip here - booked a car and accommodation for the few days we will be at Great Ocean Road. Sounds simple but I took quite some time doing it.

Realism. Liberalism. Conservatism. Good. I still remember some of what I did manage to 'study' yesterday. Studying... I've come to realise how foreign a concept that is to me. I honestly don't know what I'm meant to prove in the exam. That I can regurgitate some 'facts' that I read? That I can memorise things and argue from/against that? I will find out tomolo. Seeing as to how I always say time pressure is necessary, I will get plenty tomorrow: three essays in two hours.

Met Penny for dinner. Had mushroom & chicken pizza with penne marinara for dinner at Papa Gino's. Then dessert at Brunetti's. Mmmmm... apple strudel yummy... Headed back to my place and continued chatting 'til just past eleven. Was really good to catch up with her.

Looking forward to Damian's two trips here. He's quite stressed out. Penny and Ingrid will keep him company (or is it the other way around) while I'm at Grampians. Hmmmm... should I leave him alone with two beautiful women?? Still, will get to meet him on Thursday and Monday. And he'll be around again in July.

Almost 9 a.m. Going to have breakfast, get the newspaper, STUDY the whole day, go for the Grampians trip briefing in the evening.

Read Lester's blog earlier. The first time I read it, he hadn't updated for a while. So, I've not gone back to read it for some time. He's been quite productive recently. Came across one of his entries with an icq conversation btn him and Felicia.

Hmmm... Felicia still hasn't called me 'Pin'. She must have forgotten. Or we haven't met recently. Everyone's still in their burrows, head bowed in books. Well, like Lester wrote, people used to call me Pinto. That's probably 'cos there were a proliferation of Kenneths - strange seeing my name in plural - in school and in church. And only he calls me Pin. Don't seem to recall Sylvester or Adrian calling me that.

Just as he finds it strange that I know Alison and Felicia (Ally and Felish to him... notice the contraction of names?), likewise, I find it strange too. Lester and I know each other in one context, and we both know Alison and Felicia in two entirely separate situations. What would a conversation be like between the four of us? Hmmm...

Oh, he remembers my confirmation name... now on public record in his blog. I know someone who's possibly reading this wants to find out my confirmation name. Well, go to lesman's easyjournal from the journal network and scan through his entries... :p


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