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Tuesday, August 05, 2003 


World Politics in Transition

The Age of Terror:
America and the World after September 11
Chapter 1
And now this: Lessons from the Old Era for the New One
p. 3-21

World Politics:
Trends and Transformations
Chapter 1
Exploring 21st Century Politics
p. 30-55
Chapter 2
Theories of World Politics
p. 6-24

Continuity and Change in World Politics:
Competing Perspectives
Chapter 3
Realist, Liberal and Constructivist Views
p. 41-60

Already 2314 hrs. Have to be in class at 1000 hrs tomolo.

Should I even try?

The bed is calling but I'll be tossing and turning anyway.

I should. I'm here to get educated. To get educated, I must read. To read, I have to be awake. Better not waste my time on sleep.

*stifled yawn*


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