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Sunday, August 10, 2003 


I have this pullover top which I think is grey. Apparently, it's PURPLE. Or lilac. There's a difference, I'm told. Some people may know that I'm partially colour blind. Well, here's the most glaring example of my medical 'condition'. It doesn't affect my ability to drive but I can't ever be a pilot. Worse, I have to think about all the 'grey' clothes that I have. Are they all PURPLE?

In other news:

My 100% 'home' record is gone. Collingwood was duly thrashed by Brisbane today. Grrrrrrr...

NZ won the Tri-Nations. I tried to stay awake watching a very (under) try-ing match.

Tomolo, the Charity... eh, Community Shield. Manchester United vs The Arses. Looking forward to watching the game with Adrian, Ming Yin and Joanne.

My schedule this semester seems really packed. Perhaps it's because most of my deadlines are evenly spread out. Also, I've got lots of things planned during semester - going to Sydney one weekend, going for the Chem Eng Ball, going to Grampians during the two week break, also expecting a friend to visit during the second week of the break, two or three Rugby World Cup matches...

Will I actually have time to study?


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