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Sunday, September 28, 2003 

one week already?

One week of the 'mid'-semester break has gone by already. This week went by really fast! The general lack of sleep must have had something to do with it. Let's see...

Monday - Spent most of Monday finishing my Modern Political Thought essay... by far, the worst essay I've ever written. Was just so tired after the past couple of essays that I was not up to writing this one. Slightly underlength, no real depth.

Tuesday - Where did Tuesday go? Went to Vic Mart in the morning. I cooked vegetarian lasagne for the potluck at Joanne's. Not too shabby. Joanne made yummy broccoli with cheese, michelle 'made' roast chicken ;P , Sarah made a wonderful stew, Florence made shanghai noodles and an absolutely sinful chocolate cake thingy. Shanti, Justin, Brian, Lydia and Diana popped by. And Damian was over too. We ate loads, and we drank copious amounts of inebriating substances.

Wednesday - Went home in the morning. Had a briefing for the trip. I forgot what I did in the afternoon, but I was so tired after the week plus of essay writing and sleep deprivation that i fell asleep in the early evening. Next thing I knew, it was about 9 p.m. Started packing and burning CDs for the trip. Slept at about 1 a.m.

Thursday & Friday - Hmmm... seeing as to how so many people have asked me to stop describing my days chronologically and focusing on how I feel, I shall write about how I felt about the trip...

I felt happy that I was finally on the trip. There were quite a number of hitches, but yah, we finally managed to make it! The walks were really something for first-timers, so I'm proud that everyone made it despite the rain, the cold, the distance and the gradient. Personally, it was a bit tiring having to organise the trip and drive in challenging conditions, but I was more than willing to do it, and I was deeply satisfiedthat I did. Walking in the rain was strangely calming. The best part about that is always the aftermath - dry clothes, a bed, proper shelter, heating, warm FOOD... things we take for granted always seem a lot better after roughing it out a bit.

Thank you Maria, Joanne and Diana for driving. Especially Maria, for driving the Tarago most of the second day. Thank you everyone that came for the trip... it wouldn't have been as enjoyable without any one of you!

Saturday - Grand Final day. Not such a grand day for Collingwood. Nevermind, I still support them. Had dinner at the Bismi branch at Ong's with Lydia and Diana. Egg Prata... yuummmm! Then 60s music at Manchester Lane. Errr... we thought it would be jazz. Still, I think we had a good time there. Also had a good chat with Lydia and Diana about a myriad of stuff.

Today - Woke at at my usual time for Sundays: 12 noon. :p Watched the Leceister-United repeat on Fox. At least one of my teams won yesterday. (Oh, and Kimi Raikonnen on pole position at the US Grand Prix.) Supposed to organise/scan/upload/burn my photos. But so lazy. It's holidays. I want a break. From everything. Think I shall go to bed...


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