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Sunday, October 05, 2003 

another week

The break has whizzed by... so many things have happened. But right now, two things that piss me off:

Denise is online, telling me about my uncles and aunties. Once again, there's conflict among them because of the perennial "Who gets to take care of Mother" debate. My mum is apparently the selfish one in all this. My foot. Mum has done more for her mum than all my uncles and aunts combined. I'm seriously pissed off.

I don't care if some of my relatives think I am arrogant idiot. When I go back home, they are going a good tongue-lashing from me. I don't know if they take my relative silence during family gatherings as arrogance, or just me being like my dad - the quiet type - but they should be thankful I'm not in Singapore for Christmas, 'cos I'm not going to be in a very charitable mood.

I'm so disgusted that now they have a taste of what my family has experienced for over 20 years, they actually have the gall to suggest that my mum should still do her bit. Don't they care about my grandmother? Don't they bother about my mum?


Thursday night during Keith's birthday at Frost Bites I bumped into Grace. It was a pleasant surprise, but what happened later wasn't. Some time during the night, Lydia told me that she'd fainted, and that her friends brought her home. I was a bit worried, so I messaged her. Also called her the next day, but got her answering machine. I didn't make much of it, and I left a message.

She emailed me later to tell me that her drink had been spiked and that she ended up in hospital. I'm damn angry on her behalf, even though she said that it's in the past. She also said she doesn't know who spiked her drink. Grace may have forgiven the person who spiked her drink. I'm finding it a bit hard to do likewise.


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