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Wednesday, December 10, 2003 


It's on.

First, a few apologies. Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been away on holiday in Queensland. The Sunshine State. Our of eight days there, only two could be considered sunny.

I also suffered a relapse of my back injury after a few rides on the first day of our 'Worlds' visits. The Lethal Weapon ride caused quite a bit of discomfort and another ride which brought us upside down quite a number of times did my back in.

After my backache subsided a bit, my body decided to react to the weather by coming down with a bad cold and sore throat. It really tired me out, and the on and off headache didn't help either.

So, Florence, Joanne, Michelle, Adrian and Hobart, sorry for being a pain in the arse/neck/back. My bad back and my cold didn't do wonders for my temper or my driving. I know I was snappy and just not very nice. I apologise... sorry. I hope I didn't ruin the holiday for all of you.

The trip was still good overall. I enjoyed the driving I when it wasn't wearing me out. I enjoyed the Tamborine Mountain the most. I wish I had gone to the Australia Zoo though. We drove right by on our way to and from the Sunshine Coast. Steve Irwin's zoo! Oh well, another time... But there were lots of funny little incidents as there are whenever a group of COSDUans are together. The Polar Bear exhibit at Sea World was the thing I enjoyed most during the trip. There were two polar bears. One was a recluse, but the other was so playful and intelligent. A really showoff! The polar bear was cute, rubbing his eyes like we would once it surfaced from the water. And it played with one of its toys, alternately hiding it in a crevice under water and retriveing it, letting it float to the surface.

Brisbane and the Uni of Queensland were beautiful. I must go back there one day.

Today was spent packing and getting back up to speed on the latest happenings. Blogs are wonderful. My suitcase is already 30kg and I haven't even finished using up all the space. Guess I'll have to take out some heavier items and pad the bag with lighter stuff. Probably will get in touch with Jetta Express. (How's that for plugging for a company/service that I've never used before? Speaking of plugging, the Coca-Cola bit in the Sea Lion show in Sea World was sooooo bad I can't believe they agreed to it. I suppose they really need the money from sponsorship to take care of the wildlife.)

Back to the trip...

The driving reminded me of my times driving with Damian. Rather, me sitting in the car while he drove.

The reef fish in Sea World reminded me of Felicia.

The Champions Rugby store in Surfers Paradise reminded me of Celine and Christine.

Two people I care about dearly were at Niagra Falls within a few days of each other, and both told me about their trips there.

And I have been reminded that I have been truly loved.

Right now, my mind is all over the place. I'm thinking about packing. I'm thinking about what needs to be settled. I'm thinking about how I'm going to maximise my time over the next few days before my family arrives. I'm thinking about so many disparate things...

It hasn't really sunk in that I'm GRADUATING.

outside UQ
outside UQ


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