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Saturday, November 29, 2003 

graduates prayer day

A few of the graduating COSDUans met at Sr. Theresa's for a short day of prayer on Friday. It was a good session. I got time to myself and time with God to talk about the big G. It is going to mean change on many levels. Most of all, it means that relationships will change. I won't say much more about the session except to share the closing hymn from that session:

Galilee Song
1. Deep within my heart I feel
voices whispering to me
words that I can't understand
meanings I must clearly hear
Calling me to follow close
lest I leave myself behind
Calling me to walk into
evening shadows one more time

So we leave our boats behind
Leave them on familiar shores
Set our hearts upon the deep
Follow you again, my Lord

2. In my memories I know
how you send familiar rains
falling gently on my days
dancing pattern on my pain
And I need to learn once more
in the fortress of my mind
To believe in falling rain
as I travel deserts dry

3. As I gaze into the night
down the future of my years
I'm not sure I want to walk
past horizons that I know
But I feel my spirit called
like a stirring deep within
Restless, 'till I live again
Beyond the fears that close me in

I'm missing people already, especially those who have left. I'm missing those who are still around.

Mir, thanks for the good chat.


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