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Saturday, November 22, 2003 

birthday extravaganza | part 4

(to be updated)

I woke up late in the morning after sleeping at about 4 a.m. after drinks at Felicia's. Lydia had organised a picnic at Lincoln Square at 12.30 p.m. I got ready and thought about wearing my new Collingwood t-shirt that Christine gave me. Anyway, I was there on time, and was the first one there. Everyone else was on COSDU time as usual. =P Lydia, Diana, Florence, Adrian, Shu'an and Jason came and we sat around and chit-chatted a while before Diana said the opening prayer. I hadn't noticed that Diana failed to mention food in her grace before the meal... And I noticed there was an egg carton; I assumed it was hard-boiled eggs.

Next thing I know, raw eggs, flour, water and chocolate milk were dumped unceremoniously on me. I just sat there and took it. I think that spoilt a bit of the fun of the 'saboing', and I did not react adversely so that the fun would be dampened a bit. I think some took it to mean that I was really angry. On the contrary, I was strangely honoured. I don't recall anyone else having been sabo-ed like that in COSDU over the two years I've been here.

i'm covered in flour, eggs, chocolate milk and water
the birthday boy covered in flour, eggs, chocolate milk and water

lucky guy
drinks at pugg's: a few cosdu gals, an old friend from cjc and me =)


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