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Monday, December 15, 2003 

airport | celebrity

My family arrived in Melbourne this morning. I was at the airport at 7.10 a.m. Their flight was scheduled to arrive at 6.55 a.m. but arrived at 7.05 a.m. That meant I was only five minutes late. Well, that's assuming customs didn't exist.

An hour went past. This, I thought, was normal. The first time I arrived in Melbourne, it took me about an hour to clear customs. I was not duly worried. 8.30 a.m. approached. I was supposed to collect the house keys from Ming Yin's sister at this time. But I was still at the airport. Msged to say that I'd be late. Also told Joanne that I'd need the car a little longer than expected.

8.30 a.m. came and went. Sometime or other, the flight was off the arrivals board. I tried calling Denise and Mum. Phones not available. Hmmm... couldn't be that I got the wrong date. Called home. No answer.

After nearly TWO hours of waiting, I finally catch sight of Denise. The story is that the airplane landed but had to REVERSE or something. Probably missed the gate or was reassigned to another gate. Problem: Impatient Singaporeans already standing up, waiting to de-plane. Aircraft couldn't move until EVERYONE was seated.

So that took some time.

This delay caused a jam at customs because there were two or three other flights that arrived at the same time. Actually, they arrived later but the standing up fiasco caused most of the passengers from the few consecutive flights to turn up at the customs desk simultaneously. Further delay.

Meanwhile, SQ baggage goes round and round the mulberry bush.

More flights and baggage arrive, so SQ227 baggage get downgraded from mulberry bush to floor.

Meanwhile, I go take a dump and place my clip-on sunnies on the toilet paper dispenser. Reminder to self: Take clip-ons after doing business.

I come out of the toilet, and finally see my entire family!

Almost forget to pay for parking. Suddenly remember that I left my clip-ons in the toilet... too late!

40 km/h traffic on the Tullamarine Highway. Thank goodness for small mercies. If I had been in a cab, the trip would have cost a bomb.


We have an early lunch at Stalactites, a Greek place on Lonsdale. Good Souvlaki! =)

Bump into Michelle and her mum on Swanston. Bring my parents to the Rialto, then to the Shrine and to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Pass by rehearsals for 'Shakespeare in the Park'. Lead actor not bad.

After going around a bit, pass by the actors again on the way out. Take closer look at lead. No. Can't be. Hugo Weaving???

a.k.a. Agent Smith (in the Matrix)

Someone told me before that he's Australian. (I thought he was British.)

Family debates about actor's identity. I argue that he looks the same as the character in the Matrix, what's more, he's wearing sunnies and bears an uncanny resemblance to Smith. Just have to picture him in a suit instead of the Outback outfit (complete with cowboy hat) that he was wearing. Denise said that his voice was the same (once you ignore his native Aussie accent).

Hmmm... the last time we were on holiday, we saw a man in Venice who looked exactly like Antonio Banderas. He vehemently denied it of course.


Tommorrow is graduation! I think it's finally sunk in... =)


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