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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 

bachelor of arts

I'm pissed off. I'm tired.

The weather yesterday was unbearable. That made photo-taking quite a pain. And it's difficult to take proper photos in harsh light. But I went through it anyway, knowing that at the end of the day, life goes on. The ceremony is just a ceremony. I was looking forward more for graduation to be over than the actual graduation itself.

It's one of the last few times I take photos with COSDUans in Melbourne, at least for the immediate future.

Anyway, I'm not pissed off and tired because of the photo-taking or any of the peripheral activities that surround graduation. I'm pissed off because they got my degree wrong.

I swear I was studying to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communication). As I looked through the programme, I found my name under Bachelor of Arts.

No (Media & Communication). There were about five listed as graduating with BA (M&C). Sarah, Michelle and Chalres were among them. There were a few BA (M&C) students who were in the same quandary.

Could I have been so stupid as to not complete the requirements for BA (M&C)? Worse, could I have filled in my declaration to graduate wrongly? What irony it would be that my first step as a graduate was make this kind of error. Like I've never filled in a form before.

Admin error. Admin error. Has to be an admin error. I'll off to Uni now, hopefully for one last time, to find out.


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