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Sunday, December 28, 2003 


I'm home.

It's strangely familiar.

Familiar, yet strange.

I guess I have to adapt back to life here. It's quite different from Melbourne. Some things better, some things worse. But, as I always say, it's still home.

I visited one of my relatives yesterday. My uncle was quite surprised to see me. I think his exactly words were, "I'm surprised you didn't stay there." Well, that 's me. Contemplated getting an Oz PR for about a full two seconds the entire time I was there.

Damn funny, in the supermarket near my place, there's a corner called "Liberty Market", selling all the American stuff. Then there's the "Australian Pavilion"... decorated with Aussie flags and all. It's just a little corner, but it really transported me back to Safeway. Hahaha... they even have Aussie beers that I never knew existed. Have James Boag. Cascade. Fosters (of course). But no Carlton. =( Hmmm... come to think of it, never checked the prices so probably wouldn't have bought it anyway. But was good to see all the Australian stuff in one corner... the SPC stuff, the Goldburn Valley canned fruits, the Arnotts snacks, even the hopeless sweet chilli that they have in Safeway!

The New Paper has descended into... well... let me fill in some context first. It's something like the Herald Sun in Melbourne. Tabloid-size newspaper that people like me read purely for sports news. Now almost half the newspaper is devoted to one of two things: hotlines for football gambling "professional" tips and ads (full page ones) for ringtones and other mobile-phone related paraphernalia. My goodness... Well, at least all the ads are paying for very extensive coverage of the English Premier League.

Another surprise. Loaded magazine on sale at the news stands. What are people here complaining about censorship for? Maybe it's a local version. I should research that. =P Put it this way, in the world of men's magazines it's somewhere between FHM/Ralph and Playboy.

I remember reading in Shu'an's blog about the service (or lack thereof) here. Personally, I'd rather be sincerely ignored than mechanically greeted. Do the check-out people in Melbourne really give a shit how our days are going?

I'm in between the limbo of the student world and the working world. My friends here talk about jobs, money, houses, cars, etc. etc. Fair enough. I suppose, in due time, I'll be talking about all these too. I wonder if we will get around to talking about things that really matter.

I've been wanting to reformat my computer and do a clean install of everything. I was told that that's what I'm doing with my life right now. A more or less accurate observation about my return to Singapura.


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