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Monday, January 05, 2004 

resume epiphany

I wrote a cover letter, resume and a(n?) one page essay today. It's the first one I've had to do since graduating. The job title: Visual Resource Executive. If I get it, I'll be working so close to Malaysia, that I should bring my passport to work daily, just in case I get the chance to go across...

Hahaha... already dreaming that I got the job. It'll be cool. Damian is working there already. =)

Funny, I never saw myself working for the National Heritage Board. But then, there must be a reason I took the subject Fact, Fiction and Fraud in the Digital Age. Yes, that was the class for which there were twenty people in lecture (at the beginning of semester) and five in my tute. And that was the class in the criminology building.

It was basically about records, evidence, referencing and inevitably, given my lecturers and tutors area of speciality, it was about archiving. And the job I applied for has everything to do with all that. Or as I joked to my sis: Oh, I'll basically photograph things and make sure people know how to find the photograph (and eventually the thing itself).

Anyway, having to write the essay required me to get some background on NHB. I think that was the first step (since arriving back home) in my ongoing quest to find things to do in Singapore.


Mass was weird. Father... errr... Lee or Yeo... I STILL don't know who is who. (Why did the priests have to all rotate parishes just as I left for Melbourne?) Anyway, Father's sermon was a rant. One which I've been wanting a priest to do for a long time but when I finally heard it from a priest's mouth, it just seems wrong that he has to actually say all these things during mass. I went from glad that he mentioned all that he did to aghast that people need to be told all this. Even later on, I became really sad. (Pardon for the shifting tenses and grammatical errors, I'm multitasking online, and I'm not putting all my usual attention when writing.)

His parallel was the cinema and the church. You switch off the mobile in cinemas, he said. (Well, Father needs to attend movies more often, 'cos last I saw and heard, people still had their mobiles on in cinemas and still answered them.) Anyway, you should do likewise in church.

So, I was actually glad he mentions this. Then I remember chatting with Lydia, and what she related to me about her first day of work. They 'brainstormed' ground rules, most of which Lydia said was common sense and understood. She felt like she wasn't being treated like an adult. Like she didn't have any common sense. Maybe Singaporeans DON'T have any common sense. They don't call this the nanny state for nothing. Maybe Singaporeans NEED to be told how to do things, where and when we can do them and why we do so.

He then says, at the cinema, you tell your kids to keep quiet and watch the show. But in church, people gives toys to their kids to play. It reminds me of the time I saw a mum letting her kids do their Mandarin homework during mass. Once again, I was glad that Father brought it up. But then, he shouldn't have to bring it up at all.

So I go through the rest of mass quite disturbed. I really should have attended mass with Lydia but I couldn't finish my job application in time. So I went alone to Risen Christ. But the worst was yet to come. The previous week, I had to get used to the fact that when we wish each other the sign of peace in Singapore, it's strictly a non-contact thing. Bow respectfully. Peace be with you.

Well, today, I got blank, almost angry looks to go with the half-hearted bows. To think that I was working on my smiley face. I wasn't expecting to shake anybody's hands. I remember when I was still serving mass, we used to drum it into the servers that they should wish each other the sign of peace sincerely and with a smile. It's God's Peace you're wishing to the other, not your own. I felt really downhearted after the sign of peace.

Oh, Father also mentioned something about parents telling him that their kids don't want to go for mass any more. Basically, he lay the blame on the parents, saying that it's because the kids don't feel like they are getting anything out of mass.

Duh! His solution? Be an example, ya da ya da ya da... If only things were that simple, Denise would still be attending mass.

Okay, I should stop writing all these depressing sounding blogs. What to do, blogs are a good way of getting things off your chest. Think I should have a separate one for all the really angst ridden stuff. =P

KL trip coming soon... something happy to look forward to... =)


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