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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 

lonely planet

The countries I've visited. The map below is quite misrepresentative though. For example, I've not visited anything west of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon in the USA. And I was in a very small, beautiful part of America called Hawai'i for two months. I've only been at the border of Mexico. I certainly haven't spent any time on the Chinese mainland other than transit at Guangzhou! Most of my time in China was in Hainan ("The Second Largest Island of China after Taiwan!") Australia? Well, I've not been to Western Australia... and that's a sizeable portion of Oz.

Hmm... if the image doesn't appear, it's 'cos their servers are overloaded... try reloading (press F5)...

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And states in the US of A: Arizona, California, Hawai'i and Nevada.

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