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Wednesday, February 04, 2004 

of blogs and entries

If you're a frequent visitor to my blog, you'll notice that I've made some changes. It all started with my 'ShoutOut' comments disappearing into thin-cyberspace. I replaced the comment system, then I started changing the colours... and one thing led to another.

I can't say that my blog is radically different, some of the stuff is 'under the hood'. For example, most of the fixed links open in new windows now. I've also decided to back up my blog, after seeing what has happened to other blogs. I've consolidated my blog entries from both my easyjournal and livejournal into my blogspot. I've backed up everything on livejournal. As you can see, my archive just got larger.

So, please bookmark http://acroamatical.blogspot.com/. That'll be my main blog. The livejournal is purely for backup. And my easyjournal will continue to exist (but not updated) since it somehow gets visitors every month.

Also, this is not my only post today, there's an edition of singapore national education below, and a long entry on how to use your Identity Card for fun and profit.



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