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Friday, February 13, 2004 


united lost... but it was coming for some time.

i'm still waiting for a phone call for an interview

among one of the many things i miss is vanbar on cardigan street.

i've been spoilt by two years of stupendous film processing and printing. the neighbourhood photo finish just CANNOT cut it. not to be egotistical, but the run-of-the-mill photo shop isn't worthy of developing my film. the wicked aura shots aren't fantastic. but i have a few more shots of them in another roll. definitely not going to photo finish. i think i'll give that shop in peninsula a try. anyone has any recommendations?

i miss my...

p.s. hmmm... well, i did have a good time at harry's yesterday. good thing that we - the p sisters, adrian, dennis and i - went. jeremy monterio and his friends played a combination of instrumental and vocal jazz. excellent. oh, why was it a good thing we went? 'cos he'll be on hiatus 'til april


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