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Tuesday, March 09, 2004 

job career life

It's been a while. Apologies to those who visit, expecting an update on my life and times. It would be fallacy to say that nothing is happening in my life. In fact, for the first time in a long while, I stepped out of the house for four consecutive days. The streak has come to an end though. Spent the whole of today at home, doing an uncompleted job.

That I will be paid for. Unfortunately, the photos didn't turn out very well, so I've plenty of colour correction to do. (That's what I did today.) Anyway, I spent Friday afternoon taking photos. Saturday, I went to the city to send to photos for developing and printing. Also popped by the career fair. Bumped into Trees at Suntec and had coffee with her. Then went for mass, followed by a meeting with the people of the "mustard seed". It's a bi-monthly newsletter for the youths in Risen Christ. I'll be helping out in an advisory capacity. Sunday... watched England lose to Ireland. Watched Ferrari race off into the distance. Had coffee with Lena. Monday evening, I watched Big Fish with Ee and Ruth. Bumped into France 98 and Leo.

I typed this email last night, meant for the COSDUans in Singapore, but I figured I might as well share it with everyone. And you if have the time, please read this article: What Should I Do With My Life?


With regards to Gerry's question about "how your job hunt is coming along?", Adrian's latest blog entry and Dennis' recent email...

Well, the job hunt is not going well. Of course, this takes it's toll, and like Adrian, I've had no offers. Unlike Adrian, I've not had a single interview yet. My parents are supportive.

Let me restate that. My dad isn't saying anything. Which is normal for my dad. He doesn't say much, as those of you who have met him can attest. BUT this is a good thing, I suppose. Better than him bugging me about not being able, or worse, not trying hard enough, to find a job. And this, in some measure, is my dad being supportive.

My mum contantly looks in the papers for me, and gently prods me to try to apply, even though the advertisement asks for a Masters degree holder with 10 years work experience who is trilingual can work long and irregular hours and possibly even weekends. At the end of the day, she doesn't make me feel bad about being at home or not having a job. This is, of course, the woman who famously advised me to "follow my heart" when I was offered an editing job just before leaving for Melbourne. My mum's the greatest.

Okay, I exaggerated about the job ads. But it might as well be that way. Truth be told, I don't think I'm trying hard enough. Probably because I cannot say exactly what I want to do.

But this thought keeps on coming back to me: be a photographer.

After all, I've stated many times that I don't want to go to work in a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Maybe I should just turn up in a shirt... =P Hahaha, no, I'm kidding. Basically, office attire is not suited to our climate. Actually, it's the other way around but no one is going to start turning this place into Hawaii, where you can hold an executive position and turn up in a decent polo t-shirt and slacks from Monday to Thursday, and even less on Friday.

And if there's anything my Uni and poly life has taught me, it's that I work in bursts. Intense bursts followed by periods of rest equal or more than the time/effort I put into my work. Surely no office job will allow me this freedom or flexibility and grant me half the week off.

Like Dennis wrote, and from observing my friends, yes, I agree. Most people are too busy making money to enjoy life... nay, to HAVE a life. Just today, one of my poly friends I bumped into (NIE final semester, currently doing practicum) said, "I need to get a life". Indeed.

This, I'm "too busy to do anything" attitude (or predicament, 'cos some people honestly don't mean to get themselves into this work-eat-sleep bind) is the reason that there is nothing to do in Singapore. I keep on suggesting things to do. (Shamelss plug: join me for the football match!) But no one is free. Or they are too tired. Easier to get pissed drunk, eh Dennis?

I don't want to be like that. I want to do things. I want to keep up with my friends. I want to keep on following my sports - to the extent that I can up and leave to follow a tournament or a game overseas. I want to wear what I want to work, decide who I want to work with and when I want to rest. I want to be invovled in church.

It's funny, to think about it. I'd never have seriously contemplated being a full-time photographer if I hadn't gone to Melbourne. Melbourne gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. More importantly, it fanned (if there is such a word... and no pun intended, Adrian) the spark of a hobby into a flame of passion. Of course, it won't be easy to start off, or even to sustain. First, I'll have to get equipment ($5000 estimated worth and climbing - dSLR, memory card, lenses, filters, battery pack, cable release etc. etc.), then spend more money doing up a proper portfolio, website, name card... and a stable income is never ever assured.

I've always been risk averse. Going to poly after army was risk-free. Going to Uni was also another risk-free decision. Actually, going to JC instead of poly in the first place was supposed to be a risk-free move too. Typically Singaporean. (Side note: my brother just farted in his sleep, the air-con is on and the door is closed.) I think it's in my blood. My parents were civil servants at different times in their lives, I have uncles on both sides of the family in the military, and one former policeman. And I have, even in my job applications, been risk averse. The most recent application I sent was for a... you guessed it... a job in the civil service (Ministry of Home Affairs - Home Affairs Senior Executive or HASE, pronounced 'haze' apparently). I'm eminently qualified for the job. No doubt, Singaporean friends and family would eye me approvingly if I manage to get the job. Still... perhaps it's time to take a risk. For a career, for my livelihood, for my sanity, for my happiness...

Dear God. What say you?


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