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Wednesday, April 28, 2004 

photographic memory

been going through all my photos to see what i can use in my portfolio. i've almost forgotten some people, places and events in the photos. yet some others are permanently etched in my mind - no need for photos. it's quite a task on one level, just ploughing through all them. for example, i have 27 rolls just from the yep expedition to hainan. on another level, it's an emotional rollercoaster - people, places and events that bring a smile, a tear or both. and it's not just the image depicted in the photo. i remember what i was feeling when i took the photo, what i was thinking, who i showed it to and when - the whole context that surrounds the photos' conception, creation and display. i even remember photo opportunities that i never captured on film. times when i was too slow to encapsulate the moment or or when the weather was just too horrible or when i just thought it best to leave it as a memory.


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