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Thursday, May 20, 2004 


i did a really short photo shoot for the editor of the magazine I work for on an ad hoc basis. this was wednesday morning. i'd never been to the zoo so early in the day. the ed wanted to have her photo with the orang utans.

we were done by 10 a.m. since i got into the zoo for free, i figured i might as well hang around, see the animals and take photos. the zoo wasn't too crowded 'cos it was a weekday. in fact, it would have been less crowded if not for the hordes of kindergarten and lower primary students who had just completed their mid-year exams.

i took a photo with a python. i watched the primates show, which was entertaining. there's a new elephants at work and play show, which is really good too. got to take lots of photos. also watched lots of animal feedings. thoroughly enjoyed the polar bear feeding. the enclosure seems really small, after having seen the polar bear shores in sea world, gold coast.

besides the animals, i caught sight of a chin-dian wedding couple taking photos in the zoo. well, it wasn't just taking photos with the scenery... two of the elephants were walked from their enclosure to a more scenic part of the zoo for photos with the couple. they must be loaded.

i left the zoo after seeing what i wanted to see and finishing all my film. errrr... finishing all my memory card space. i'm not into deleting photos on the spot unless they are really bad. can't really see much detail on the camera's LCD. by the time i got home, it was almost 4 o'clock.

xl events/magazine photo shoots are always a delight. :)

I enjoyed looking at your zoo pics.
I particularly like the lynx pics ! hahahah ! ;p
Looks like we humans are no different from animals ! :P

No lah....my favourites are the rhino shots (the girl and rhino and the adult male with the rhinos) All very nicely composed. The lighting was good too!

Oh yes! I really like the yawning Polar bear too ! Its one of those golden moments photographers always want to catch !

Finally, i think the D70 is a very fine investment. Though i probably lean towards the Canon300D because its package is better valued.


Hey man...

Glad you liked the photos!

I liked the one with the snake and the zookeeper. I tell you, when I looked at that one up close... I'm not usually freaked out but my hair stood on ends.

Errrr... will not get into a Nikon v Canon war. Or more specifically a D70 v 300D war. =P Maybe when I see next see you online, I can convince you to swing the other way...

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