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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 


i walked around town most of yesterday afternoon, trying to capture images of the city. my photos were stale. they seem even more stale today as i view them. (should never leave photos out overnight. like fruit, they go bad.) it's frustrating. maybe it was the weather. (it was really hot.) maybe it was my mood. (i'm not exactly overflowing with happiness nowadays. but i shouldn't need to be happy to take photos. anyway.) maybe i was looking at things through jaded eyes. (seen the city once, seen the city a thousand times.) maybe it was the homeless woman sleeping outside bugis junction. (of course, i took a photo of her too, seeing that nothing and nobody else was cooperating.) maybe, just maybe, i'm not as good a photographer as i think i am. (damn, then my lack of interview opportunities is really going to be a problem.)

saw baby sophie in the evening. took photos of her too, just for good measure.

at the end of the day, i came home with a sore knee from the walking earlier in the day.

played squash this afternoon, for the first time in many months. surprisingly, it was with my sister's boyfriend, jeremy. never knew he plays squash. then again, don't know much about him either. he's pretty good (at squash, that is). found out how extremely unfit i am. i've not panted like that... well, ever. i'm usually able to override my tiredness when playing squash or other games i love. but today, my brain was going, "stop! stop! enough!". very unusual.

at the same time, it was good to exert myself. paradoxical but true. knee hurting once more. i'm really going to enjoy getting out of bed tomolo, when all of my muscles gather to protest their innocence all at once.


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