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Sunday, May 23, 2004 


this time a decade ago
i think we still knew each other
at the opposite ends of church
you in the choir loft
me at the sanctuary

sometime, somehow
we found out that the other person
wasn't as bad as everyone else
had made us out to be
strange how things happen

i've had more best friends than girlfriends
and you've outlasted them all
not that i would want you to be my girlfriend
that position has already been filled
and even if it wasn't... nah!

(think ja will have something to say about that too)

thanks for being there for me
when i received my As, when i broke up with serene
and you know more than most
how long it really took
for me to recover

i also remember all the drinks that we've had
okay, maybe not all
but the saturday nights at victoria bar
when we would talk and drink
and dream of the future...

but now, the past
remember the aircraft carrier and how we 'forged' our tickets?
remember our new year's outing arranged on the phone as we counted down?
remember blasting 'brimful of asha' on repeat when i visited?
remember when england won the rugby world cup?

i was looking at photos of us the other day
where did those slim young men go?
full of idealism, enthusiasm and alcoholism
or so everyone said
we've grown weary, haven't we?

still, i believe
deep down in each of us
we hope and we pray
if not for a better world
at least for a better day

thank you for being my best friend
i don't remind you of that often enough
especially as the moons pass
thank you for seeing me through excrement
you know what they say about a friend in need

these words are all i can afford now
these words, i feel, are not enough
in describing your place in my life
but these words are all i can offer
and you have my word

that i'll be there for you for life
what's a decade?
a lifetime of wonderful memories
and on this, your birthday
i wish you a lifetime more

Hi Kenneth,

Great poem! Wish I had a friend like yours. You are truly blessed... and so is your friend.

Happy Birthday to your friend too :)


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