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Sunday, February 13, 2005 


a few mini-entries

a procrastinated entry. to summarise, it was a mixed time. lowest point was when i booked out and TOOK A CAB back to bishan (from tuas, mind you) only to be CALLED BACK to camp less than five minutes later. did not reach my doorstep. spent $30 on cab fares to get me back to square one.

barely managed to survive the battalion exercise. which has injected a dose of urgency into my quest to get back to a respectable BMI. battalion exercise also offered the high point - sitting in a helicopter with the door open. cool. =)

idol x 2
friday night. sembawang @ cineleisure. notice girl with big pair of boobs. notice girl is very short. notice that she's... maia lee.
sunday afternoon. anchorpoint. see familiar pair of shades. it's maia AGAIN! girl, stop stalking me. i will make a police report if i see you again within the week.

heritage walk + travel blog
in between the encounters - i went for a heritage walk this morning, on the 63rd anniversary of the battle of pasir panjang. fascinating story. read about it at my travel blog - sunny island set in the sea.

i'm seeing where this goes. right now, i think it's heading in the direction of being a local travel blog. yes, singaporeans should be tourists in their own country. think i might change the sub to "discover what's next door", or something along those lines. warning: will probably be nature-biased. i'm hoping that this will be a more constructive outlet for my writing as well as being an impetus for me to carry on discovering new things about and in singapore.

i was at the ikea/anchorpoint/queensway shopping centre junction when i witnessed an accident right in front of me. a mitsubishi grandis, on test drive, was making a u-turn. it had a wide turning radius. out of nowhere, a motorcycle came into my view. the rider tried to avoid the grandis but couldn't.

the rider lay on the road, with his legs on the kerb. he was lying on this back. fight or flight? i ran towards him. ABCs clear since he was groaning in pain. seemed a bit confused but indicated he was feeling pain in his abdomen. there were no signs of other external injuries besides a scraped knee.

the driver of the grandis was, by this time, also checking on the rider. he removed the rider's helmet, which is should have stopped. i then thought i should call for an ambulance but...

a policeman was already on scene with his partner in a squad car (found out later that the police car happened to be at the junction, not far behind the motorcycle)... followed shortly by an ambulance. i swear, all this took less than two minutes. i left the ambulance crew to do their job. i did what i could.

on reflection, i know i could have responded better. on further reflection, i was really thankful that i wasn't involved because this accident happened a few metres away, five at most. the motorcycle could very well have come flying my way.

man, you sure have a lotta things going on for one day.

by the way kenneth, are you the same deadpoet of the WNDC?

i have absolutely no idea what or who WNDC is. so, i'm probably not the same deadpoet. you seem to know patricea and lena... are you from cjc?

patricea knows my sis and i have no idea who lena is except that she's linked to patricea's blog and that we live in the same area.

you know, thank god youre not that deadpoet i had in mind... .

cheers. drop by my blog some time.

ahhh... i see. will swing by your blog some time...

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