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Monday, January 03, 2005 


the heavy rain which lasted two days made me abandon my plans to watch the second leg of the tiger cup semi-final at the national stadium.

well, almost.

i had planned to go with my colleagues, and we were waiting for the rain to ease up the entire day. by 1730 hrs, it hadn't. so, we decided to watch the game on tv.

the thing is, i wasn't home. i was at justin's place for lunch. spent the afternoon there since the rain kept on going like the energizer bunny. watched malaysian idol (downloaded from the net).

singapore idol contestants (no disrespect to taufik) are nowhere close to the malaysian idols that were in their top 30. i have a suggestion. since singapore idol is open to all nationalities, the malaysians who didn't get through there should come here next year. then there'll be some real quality instead of some ah beng loved-by-geenas wannabe that cannot sing. yes, sylvester, i'm talking about you.


left justin's place around six. as i was in the train on the way from bedok, it seemed like the weather had cleared up. when the train got to kallang, i got off. it wasn't impulse. it wasn't a conscious decision either. hard to explain. oh well, since i got off at kallang, might as well watch the game, right?

it was surprisingly crowded. didn't help that the usual route was apparently closed. anyway, managed to get in when they played singapore's anthem. i felt a buzz that i've not felt since watching footy in melbourne.

the match. i will remember it for being absolutely ill-disciplined. the singapore fans and players are no angels but the myanmarese (err... myanmarians? myanmarites? what do you call someone from myanmar? it was so much easier when they were burmese.) were something else. the game descended into farce after one fracas late in the match left myanmar with eight players. this doesn't account for two people on their bench who were also sent off. one of those two threw a water bottle at subramani. it looked worse on tv than what i saw in real life.

on the other hand, tv downplayed the unruliness of the myanmar supporters. riot squad vehicles made their way into the national stadium as the crowd were making their way home. myanmar may have a half decent football team but their behaviour and discipline leave plenty to be desired.

then again, our fans were base, crude and racist. and awfully silent when they should be cheering singapore on from setbacks. oh well...

on balance, i'm glad i went. it was interactive entertainment for less than the price of a movie ticket. =)

now, i hope malaysia beat indonesia so that the cross-causeway teams can rekindle the malaysia cup rivalry...


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