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Sunday, November 07, 2004 


work is great!

first, a little background. i am the publications officer at the ctr for instructional technology. i'm in charge of editing and writing articles for the centre's quarterly online journal. i also conceptualize and update their various publicity materials. in the future, i'll be writing scripts for corporate videos too.

in other words, i'm a writer/editor/marketing & PR exec/web content developer/graphics design/admin person.

it's not as bad as it sounds. i enjoy the myriad of activities. right now, i'm involved in revamping the centre's website and creating some updated publicity materials for staff, students and visitors. my job allows me to exercise a range of skills, so it's challenging in that sense.

work hours are 0830 to 1800 daily, except for fridays when i can knock off at 1730. no pressure to stay late. i often come in before 0830 on most days, so i leave on the dot sometimes. so far, i have not had to take work home. and i definitely have not taken worries about work home. when i leave the office, i don't think about work until the next morning.

the work day goes by very fast. mornings, i am most productive. that surprises me. in the afternoon, i slow down a bit but the day still zooms by.

also, in the course of my work, i get to be in touch with and write about technology, particularly with respect to education. i love being in touch with the latest tech stuff, and the uni keeps itself up-to-date with the latest tech stuff. also, i love finding out about things in general, so it's great being in an institution of higher learning.

this week, i got to see some CAD applications at work. i also came across a lecturer's website with interesting information about astronomy and colour blindness. my biggest 'find' was this medical courseware that covered dealing with trauma in the ER. it was fun clicking through the course, even though i had no idea what some of the terms and procedures were.

i have two bosses. my direct supervisor is the centre's assistant manager. her boss, the centre's director, is my other boss. it took me a while to figure out how to work with two bosses. it's quite simple, really.

work to do with the centre (and the uni) comes from the director. work to do with the office comes from my supervisor. in terms of reporting, i keep my supervisor informed about all the things the director has requested me to do. any ideas i have, i run through with my supervisor before going to the director.

my supervisor is a jovial lady who makes the office more lively. she and the director are quite the opposite in terms of demeanour, so it's a good balance. the office is a place with high-walled cubicles, so interaction can be a bit limited. still, the colleagues who i've come into contact with are all friendly and helpful. overall, a very pleasant environment.

i haven't personalised my cubicle as the office will undergo renovations in late december. renovations will take about three months, so i will do it once we move back into the office.

being far from the city, i don't spend much during or after work. lunch is super cheap. i have plenty of lunch kakis besides my colleagues. former sji schoolmates: adrian and christopher, doing masters and phd respectively. jaslin and yvonne from the hainan trip and ngee ann respectively work relatively nearby. also, there's siblings of friends who are currently undergrads. and there's plenty of eye candy during lunch... especially at the arts and biz/law canteen... ;P

the down side to being far from the city is that transport is a killer. right now, it's not so bad because O and A levels are on, poly students are on holiday and uni students are having exams. my route - 156 and 151 - takes me past numerous schools, including my alma mater (sji, cjc and ngee ann poly). once all the students start packing the buses during semester, it'll be a different proposition. the other thing is the distance. i wake up before sunrise. i often get home after sunset.

all in all, i'm having a great time at work. =)

I'm SO glad this is panning out great for you! Aside from writing about sports, I would think a job like this would be GORGEOUS for you. :)

hey joanne here. really glad to hear that the evil working world is treating you pretty well. maybe it's not as big and bad and evil afterall? naaah who am i kidding. i'm still scared shitless of it regardless, buuuut, am really happy for you that u're enjoying yourself so far!

Zoe here...great to know things are working out fine for u! Totally swell compared to what u have been writing for the past year!

I hope things wun wane out after awhile, it tends to do that. Embrace change cuz it will spice up your life plenty...or u'd be as dead bored as I am with my job..heheheheheh

Harlowe... thanks for all the support. =)

Velle, yah, writing about sports or doing a sports-related job would be about one of the few things that could be better than this.

Joanne, one thing at a time, I guess. Don't worry, you'll be fine. It's easy to say; I sure as hell didn't think so the past few months. But that's life. No downs equals no ups and vice-versa.

Zoe... thanks for reading all my not-so-happy posts this past year. I hope never to be bored with what I do. I don't know how far that is possible but my job scope being so all-encompassing, it helps alleviate the boredom somewhat. Can't say I won't be pissed off with the job, colleagues and/or bosses in the future but I'm glad it's started out well.

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