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Friday, August 13, 2004 


last night, i boarded an sbs bus that had tv mobile on. just as i was climbing up the stairs, lee hsien loong was being sworn in as singapore's third prime minister. pm lee (doesn't that have a familiar ring to it?) then gave his maiden speech as singapore's premier.

his speech also had a familiar ring to it. plenty of platitude and promise. unfortunately, nothing in the pap's modus operandi suggests things will be any different. brings to mind the famous scene in star wars. can almost imagine... "hsien loong... i am your father." of course, i may be wrong. i hope i am wrong. in case i'm right, here's two paragraphs from lhl's speech which i found worth emphasizing. my cynical addition in italics.

"We will continue to expand the space which Singaporeans have to live, to laugh, to grow and to be ourselves albeit at a pace that would flatter snails. Our people should be free to express diverse views, pursue unconventional ideas, or simply be different as long as nobody upsets the status quo. We should have the confidence to engage in robust debate, so as understand (sic) our problems, conceive fresh solutions, and open up new spaces. Nevertheless, OB markers still abound as I have not expressedly dismissed their existence. We dictate what constitutes an OB marker and where it is placed. Cross at your peril. We should recognise many paths to success, and many ways to be Singaporean. Success, at the end of the day, is Singaporean. Preferably financial. Otherwise, I would have said: 'We should recognise many paths to being Singaporean.' We must give people a second chance, for those who have tasted failure may be the wiser and stronger ones among us. So, civil service job applicants will still be required to state if they have been convicted before or if they are bankrupt so that we can reach out to those looking for a second chance. It's not just a clothes store. Those who have screwed up their PSLE, O or A Levels but have made something of themselves after are also most welcome. Ours must be an open and inclusive Singapore. This is why the markers on the floor for the visually-impaired come unbearably close to pillars in some MRT stations.

Even as we pursue individual ambitions, we must deepen our sense of common purpose and identity. Common purpose and identity are the driving force behind SAP schools. We can only continue as we are if the Chinese Elite are insulated from the reality of Singaporean society. We can only stand tall if we stand together. If you have the opportunity in the next GE, you know who to vote for. Our years in school and national service while the indoctrination is carried out, our shared joys and sorrows when the economy is up or down respectively, our attachment to familiar places: apologies to the National Library, the Satay Club, Cathay cinema, Rasa Singapura, the row of shophouses that made way for the Heeren and countless other Singapore landmarks, our bonds with family and friends - all these reinforce our sense of being one Singapore family. Already, a Singaporean is readily recognisable anywhere in the world. Free of the threat of punitive fines, Singaporeans overseas revert to our boorish instincts, leaving a wake of litter to mark our trail. We must continue to widen our common ground, and care for one another. You vote for us, we put you in ever smaller cubicles with ever increasing prices. Market forces, lah. Which reminds me. How much did you say I'm getting paid? Our unity gives us the resilience to weather every storm and thrive as an independent nation. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Goh. Amen." Lee Hsien Loong, Thursday, 12th August 2004.

keep lhl's words in mind. quote the relevant lines the next time we are told something to the contrary.

You are one sad cynic ! hehe ;p

Well, at least he is better than John Howard lah !!
How the hell have i lived under him for the past 8 years ?!! shittttt.....


What to do? Heard plenty similar stuff before. Usually turns out to be mere words.

Hahah... John Howard... Did you buy this book called "John Howard's Little Book of Truth"? Damn funny... this guy collected all his double-faced and dubious quotes all in one handy little book.

Didn't join COSDU's EPL Fantasy League?

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