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Friday, November 12, 2004 

burnt and swalllowed

hands up those of you who have been to one place that've been burnt to the ground.


now hands up those of you who have been to two places that have been razed to their foundations.

i'm one of the latter. this morning, i woke up to find out that an indoor rock climbing place i went to a few times while i was in melbourne was totally destroyed in one of melbourne's biggest fires.

it's always a strange feeling to know that a place you've been to suddenly doesn't exist.

the other place - also in australia - that i've been to and was destroyed is mount stromlo observatory in canberra.

in other news, uob atm machine eats up my debit card (which is linked to my bank account). i knew the debit card would be terminated 31 oct. but i expected the atm function to work because i have no other card but the debit card. uob is, of course, still processing my new card and 'forgot' that i still need a functioning atm card to live.

the thing is, i'm going to kl for the weekend. all my cash is locked up in that one account. can't go to the bank to withdraw it tomorrow 'cos i'm leaving tonight. can't use an atm card to withdraw the cash from an atm machine in malaysia 'cos i don't have an atm card any more.

my parents have come to my rescue. in the mean time, my cash is floating in the nether land of the online transfer. monday being a holiday, the soonest i'll get to see my cash in good old POSB will be thursday.


still going to enjoy myself this weekend! =)

*hands up* once only. :) don't think i've been to the mt stromlo observatory in my short stay in canberra. but yeah, definitely feels weird to have some familiar place you've known to be non-existent. like those that i've known in s'pore.

newae... have fun in kl. hehe, and i know i'm a little late... but good to know you're enjoying your job. i'll probably see you some time next year in s'pore.

Yup, but fires are more immediate. Buildings in Singapore, usually take a while to 'die'. But yah, so many places from my childhood, even my teenhood, don't exist anymore.

KL was pretty good. Got to catch up with Michelle! And shop and eat and shop and eat and drink... =)

Okies, do let us know when you're coming by...

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