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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 


yes, i'm shaved once again.

while opinion is divided as to whether i look better with or without hair, i have this to say: i look good either way.

hahaha... there's my ego trying to outdo my belly in the race to get bigger.

anyway, my boss was quite... well... he called me to his office for some work-related matter...


boss: (pause. looks surprised, amused, shocked and curious all at once. perhaps, not in that order.)

me: (waits for boss to say something.)

boss: you... (trying to find words) what made you do this? is this the fashion now?

me: well, the weather's been hot and anyway, i had this hairstyle (if you can call it a hairstyle) when you interviewed me.

boss: not for ns or something like that?

me: no.

boss: (pause. still has a combination of opposing looks on his face, but overall, he actually looks amused.) don't people stare at you? don't people avoid you?

me: no, not really. (if they do, i don't notice.)

boss: (skeptical) this doesn't help with the women

me: (trying not to laugh) doesn't make a difference, actually.

boss: so you just went to the barber.... (pause) and you asked him to shave everything off?

me: (almost immediately) yes.

boss: (hesitant) and then you shave?

me: yes.

boss: (demonstrating how he shaves his facial stubble) with a razor?

me: yes.

boss: (looking amused and bemused, shakes his head)


well, my supervisor says it reminds her of her baby boy when he was an infant because he had a bald, shiny head, just like mine now.

one of the other managers insists that i look better without hair. and that if he was a girl...

hahahah... i guess it does help with the ladies! =P

p.s. got a compliment about my writing by one of the bigshots at the ridge. =)


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